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Connecting What Matters To You!

Most Popular Uses Of The FLEXCLIP

Wireless Earbuds

Whether you want to charge your earbuds on the back of your phone, use your earbuds as a grip/kickstand, or just keep them as handy as possible.

Wireless Chargers

Charge your phone on the go by attaching a powerbank with the FLEXCLIP to keep your phone secured & fully charged while on the move.

Wallets & Purses

Securely attach a wallet to the back of your phone and only have to remember to bring one thing with you where ever you go.

Grips / Kickstands

Change the grip or kickstand on the back of your phone as often as you change your outfit or attitude.

Featured FLEXCLIP Phone Accessories

View our catalog of recommended phone accessories that can be shipped with your new FLEXCLIP tabs attached and ready to use!

Need Help in Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Phone?

Whether you need help understanding how the FLEXCLIP works or you just want to make sure your buying the right accessory to match your needs give us a call or send an email to our support team and get a response within 24 hours!

Features Of The FLEXCLIP

Thinnest Clip in the World

The FLEXclip Base is less than 3mm thick, and FLEXclip Tab is just 2mm thick and smaller than an SD card.

Designed For Wireless Power

The FLEXclip is uniquely designed to connect two devices and transmit wireless power.

Strong Holding Adhesive

The strong adhesive used on the FLEXclip is designed to securely attach to surfaces when it’s connected and peel off cleanly when it’s not.


Finest Materials

FLEXclip is made from highly resilient impact resistant polymers designed to last.

Infinite Possibilities

The FLEXclip is designed to attach to almost any small object. We encourage our community to FLEX their creativity and show how they are using the FLEXclip on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Secure Clip

We spent A LOT of time making sure the FLEXclip’s Base and Tab connect with a satisfying snap and require just the right amount of pressure to unclip.


Read what some of our most valued customers have had to say about the FLEXCLIP! #WHATSYOURFLEX

Rigid-Wallet2 - Copy

I cannot live without my FLEXclip now it is the only way i am able to keep track of my wallet and airpods without always worrying if they will fall out my pocket while i am on the go.

Jordan B.

USA Customer

PowerBank_Combinedjpg - Copy

The FLEX Clip is my favorite way to charge up my phone with a powerbank and then reverse charge my wireless headphones when i am not able to plug in my items for a full charge

Jessica F.

European Customer


Being able to charge your headphones from just your phone is amazing. Also this FLEXCLIP is a great way to keep your head phones secure while on the move.

Briana L.

USA Customer

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